Our Work Style and Audit Approach

Our Work Style
Service delivery

Firstly, we believe that we are not just a provider of services, but rather a business partner of every customer who uses our services. We try to understand customers’ operations and risks so that we can build a relationship with them and find satisfaction in the knowledge that we added value to their business.

With each assignment, we will aim to:

  • provide input that adds value by structuring a business in a way that minimises risk;
  • provide timely assistance to management and the board on any issues where our expertise and experience can be useful; and
  • work within deadlines with minimal disruptions.

Professional development

It is part of our practice that directors, board members and clerks attend annual courses on the following critical areas:

  • Ethics and independence (SAICA Code of Conduct);
  • Accounting standards;
  • Legislation: Income Tax, VAT, Company Bill Amendments; and
  • Auditing Standards.

Further training is offered to ensure that all staff are up to date with the latest developments in the above-mentioned areas.

The number of hours spent by directors and management on training exceeds the minimum requirements set by SAICA.

Quality Control

We have a formal quality control policy in our service delivery that meets the set requirements.

A further measure of quality control is that our four directors are closely involved in the execution of our services and that they work together to ensure that effective solutions are offered to customers.

Audit Approach
Our audit approach is designed to meet the requirements of the International Standards on Auditing and is further directed by our goal of adding the maximum values to customers’ businesses.

Examples of how we work in this regard are:

  • Continuous and timely communication with management about our findings; and
  • Control-based feedback on management of gaps found in systems, as well as checking the performance of controls implemented by management.

We use CaseWare and ProBeta Methodology for the design and implementation of our audit procedures. This methodology is used by the majority of audit firms in South Africa. It is continuously adjusted as standards change or new standards are issued.